Getting a call from a buddy that the conditions are looking good is the best. Teddy is super dialed into the swells and tides up at Creek so I knew it was going to be on. I prepped my gear, hit the hay early and woke to hit the road at 5am the following morning. I pulled into the predawn parking lot to find Teddy suited up and ready to hit it. We walked down to the beach with the genuine stoke of two full grown grommets.


We found the conditions pristine for a tubular breakfast and Teddy quickly got to it, proceeding to tuck into about 15 hollow ones back to back. It looked fun. His board of choice this morning was the LFNM by imperfects and it looked to be handling well under his feet. I decided to shoot Black and White and I’m glad that I did.  Here are a few highlights from the morning featuring Teddy Upshaw and the LFNM. 

May 16, 2022 — James Lynch

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