Mike fell in love with this beefy cotton canvas during the early parts of his career as a Global Brand Director in the Outdoor Industry. He came across it by complete chance while vintage sourcing at an old English Ship Yard - the canvas was strewn over an old, beached boat being used as a tarp and featured such beautiful natural weathering. He thought it might make a radical pair of chore pants for the Shaping Bay so he had to have it. After some negotiating and a few cans of ale, he scored the tarp from the yardsmen and was on the hunt to find the source. After some research, Mike was able to locate the legacy Mill in England - known for building hearty fabrics since WW1 - and he swiftly ordered into some fabric. Months later, our Shipyard Canvas Collection was born.

The Shepherds Shirt

In Dark Navy Shipyard Canvas

Made for all Humans

Smart enough for the office or a michelin star dinner, mellow enough for a skate or a beach day, the Shepherds Shirt is our cornerstone piece at Imperfects.

Featuring two chest pockets, one internal and one external, The Shep is a utilitarian work horse. You’ll be surprised how often you go for it to complete the kit and even more surprised by how it never makes it on to a hanger.

Hand-cut and sewn in California.

The Shawl Collar

Flip it up and get your bueller on, flip it down and take grandma to brunch.

Oversized Utility Drop Pocket

An extra large hand pocket up front for quick access featuring a hidden coin pocket.

Internal Valuables Pocket

Tuck the phone or wallet away in the trusty internal chest pocket.

The Courier Pant

In Dark Navy Shipyard Canvas

A Match Made in Heaven

Born for the Shaping Bay and inspired by the tradition of hardworking craftspeople, The Courier Pant is our most resilient pair of trousers.

Built with purpose and functionality in mind, this pant will work as hard as you want it to. Double knee panels with functional knee pad slides, a gusseted leg for added movement, pull straps and a brass buckle in the back for on-the-go adjustment, our signature utiltiy thigh pocket, multi-needle seam work throughout and a hidden waistband coin pocket - should we keep going?

Snag a few pairs: one for work, one for weekend big fits, one for skating and another for your loved one because they are a guaranteed closet heist.

Signature Utility Thigh Pocket

That classic Imperfects drop in pocket good for quick phone access, nails, screws or trading baseball cards.

French back Buckle

An antique brass belt buckle and classic pull tabs for tightening up your pants when you are in a rutt.

Reinforced Knee Panel

Just in case you need to learn a new trade or you want to put your skateboard pads in your chore pants, our reinforced knee panels are fully functional.