Vivobarefoot x John John Florence

Presented by Imperfects

Back in 2010, I was recruited to be a barefoot running coach by a new company centered around creating better whole-body health via the world’s thinnest, most puncture-resistant shoes. It was all about proprioceptive feedback and being in touch with your body so your movements could be healthier, more natural, and more intentional. That company was Vivobarefoot.

A lot has unfolded in the 10 years since but I've had the pleasure of building a great relationship with Vivobarefoot during that time. I've been incredibly close to their process, both professionally and personally, and have thoroughly enjoyed watching the brand blossom.

My kids wear Vivo, I wear it every day, I still sell it to people on the corner and stop people in the street if they are wearing them. All of this to say, I am so stoked it is returning in a way I would have least expected - via a collaboration between Vivo and John John Florence.

When the Vivo Fam rang and asked if we would like to exclusively retail the JJF collab in the US with them, it was a no-brainer and resounding, ‘absolutely!’ We’ve never been a retailer of another manufacturer as we are a manufacturer of our own goods but I felt the need to push this one because it hits close to home in all the right ways and more importantly, fits with our life program.

I dig these things, and I hope you will too. I am stoked and proud to present Vivobarefoot x John John Florence to you and yours: exclusively sold by Imperfects.

- Mike Lynch

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Be a force of nature


Winner of back-to-back world titles and countless major accolades, many say the Hawaiian is the planet’s best surfer. In his flow, he’s untouchable. His holistic, barefoot, nature-connected philosophy is what truly sets him apart, and embodies everything VivoBarefoot stands for. 

Unlock your natural potential

Elite performance comes down to fleeting moments, but training details refined to perfection decide those moments. So John John Florence’s training prioritises the proper mechanics, movements and techniques required for full-body functionality, supreme mobility and healthy longevity. Natural mastery, time after time.


John John Florence is more than a surfer. He’s an accomplished waterman whose profound passion for sailing has seen him voyage thousands of miles across the Pacific in his catamaran, Vela. John John deeply understands how blue spaces improve his mood, cognitive function and wellbeing. Sailing brings vital clarity, energy and recovery between training cycles.

The art of balanced recovery

For John John Florence, peak performance is mental as much as physical. Active recovery is key, to maintain strength and mobility. But so is relaxed recovery, to access a parasympathetic state that encourages presence, digestion and immune function, and helps unlock the flow state required to to perform at his highest potential.