A maestro of style with a steady brush stroke, a full on modern muralist, one of the coolest cats the creatives have ever known, Jonny Alexander is a literal living legend. In our eyes, there is Jackson Pollock, there is James Dean, there is Neal Armstrong and then there is Jonny Alexander.

This dude, our good pal, is one of the most talented down to earth humans we know so when the conversation regarding collaboration with him on a special collection started to form into a reality, we felt it best to get existential with it and describe 'why.' Not only why we do this thing called, Imperfects, everyday but also why any of us should chase our dreams.

Furthermore, why we should all take our imperfections as our greatest strengths. We sat down and chatted with Jonny about all things perfection vs. imperfection and the content that was produced due to our outer space mindsets coming together is actually pretty damn everyday cool. We hope you dig.

April 07, 2020 — Mike Lynch

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